The Language School "LIBER" was founded by Vladimir and Jelena Mitic.

They originally wanted to start a school that combines serious work with pleasant atmosphere. At first, they needed a place with classrooms that they can rent, so they found the best place that had all the necessary requirements in elementary school "Nadezda Petrovic".

O.Š. "Nadežda Petrović"

School Library - our office

Their business hours are from 4pm 'till 11pm. 
   They have several professors working for them and they teach 4 different languages there: English, German, Italian and Russian. 

School Library - our office
  Jelena teaches lessons from 5pm 'till 10pm. She teaches classes in English and Russian languages. In their school you can feel like at home. There is always a fresh cup of coffee and a large selection of drinks for all tastes. 

Vlada is your friendly neighbor that brings you drinks and snacks. They usually finish their classes at 22:15 pm and then they tidy up the classrooms, wash the dishes and lock-up.
Jelena loves her job but she thinks that it takes a lot of sacrifice to do it because there is not much free time for ordinary things such as seeing with friends and going out. In the future, she would like to organize business trips to foreign countries to seminars and trainings for students and teachers. She thinks that learning a foreign language is a complex process between teachers and students and that the teacher has to be patient, communicative and a good lecturer. Job is difficult but wonderful also. One day, she would like to attend for the Cambridge degree for English professors.

Ira - Upper-Intermediate level

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